Who we are



Our team includes girls with knowledge on various fields of engineering with the common point of sharing a passion for innovation and technology


  YITG team 

Anna Grau. Co-founder and President
Jara Forcadell. Co-founder and Vice-president
Sandra Orozco. Co-founder and member
Elsa RodríguezCo-founder and member
Anna Torralba. Co-founder and spokesperson
Paula Huertas. Co-founder and member
Mónica Manzanares. Co-founder and ember
Alejandra Garrido. Secretary
Giselle González. Member
Sara González. Treasurer
Itziar Sagastiberri. Spokesperson
Adriana Navarrete. Member
Maria Gil. Member
Judith Doral. Member
Safae Bendali. Member
Cristina Garcia. Member
Irene Toro: Member
Mónica Cabrera. Member
Maria Servitja. Member
Aurora Ortuño. Member
Clàudia Ribera. Member