Who we are





Our team includes girls with knowledge on various fields of engineering with the common point of sharing a passion for innovation and technology


  YITG team 

Anna Grau | Co-founder and President
Jara Forcadell | Co-founder and Vice-president
Anna Torralba | Co-founder and spokesperson
Alejandra Garrido | Secretary
Sara González | Treasurer
Itziar Sagastiberri | Spokesperson
Elsa Rodríguez | Co-founder and member
Safae Bendali | Member
Irene Toro | Member
Mónica Cabrera | Member
Adriana Navarrete | Member
Aurora Ortuño | Member
Alexandra Yamaui | Member
Paula Santandreu | Member
Maria Gil | Member
Judith Doral | Member
Cristina Garcia | Member
Sandra Orozco | Co-founder and member
Paula Huertas | Co-founder and member
Mónica Manzanares | Co-founder and ember
Júlia Mir | Member
Ana Dueso | Member
Marisol Cifuentes | Member
Marta Alcalde | Member
Núria Mercadé | Member
Sara Cabanas | Member